Posted by: Andrew | March 1, 2010

Vancouver Olympics Closing Ceremony

In the Opening Ceremony, one of the four pillars failed to lift out of the floor to make up the Flame Holder.  This left Catriona Le May Doan, the Canadian Olympic Speedskater, with nothing to do during the lighting.  The other 3 Olympians lighting the flame were Steve Nash, Nancy Greene and Wayne Gretzky.

Catriona Le May Doan

Catriona Le May Doan

In a nice touch at the Closing Ceremony, the “missing” pillar was still down, but a mime came out of the underfloor space, made a show of plugging in a large power cord, and then the fourth pillar popped up into place, with Catriona Le May Doan on hand to light the flame this time.  She had been working for CTV, the Canadian broadcaster, but according to the commentators, had kept her role secret!

Here is a picture of the Opening Ceremony taken by Jmex, and posted on Wikimedia.  When someone has uploaded the closing ceremony pictures, I’ll upload the complete Olympic flame holder.

The Canadian flag bearer for the Closing Ceremony was, most appropriately, Joannie Rochette.   For Great Britain, well, there wasn’t much choice, it had to be Amy Williams, our sole (gold) medal winner.   Someone texting into the BBC live coverage suggested that “Great Britain” should be replaced by “Amy Williams” in the medal table….

Vancouver Opening Ceremony, 12th Feb. 2010

Olympic Flame in the Opening Ceremony

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