Posted by: Andrew | February 22, 2010

An Echo of England v Poland 1973

So Team Canada ( the men) lost their (ice) hockey match against the USA yesterday, despite an overwhelming advantage in possession, shots on goal and a much more experienced team. It is difficult for non-Canadians to understand the degree of national tragedy that this inflicts; for the English it is like losing a football (soccer) match to Germany (to the Scots probably like losing a soccer match to the English!).

Actually the game it reminded me of was the England v Poland match in the 1973 World Cup Qualifiers. England had had a poor set of results in the series and needed to win to qualify. The match was at home. The England team was highly formidable. They pressed home their attack relentlessly. The Polish goalkeeper, Jan Tomaszewski played a brilliant match and stopped practically everything. The final result was a 1-1 draw, England were eliminated and did not appear in the World Cup again for many years.

I do hope that the Canadian team can snap out of it. After all, do we really want the Russians or the Americans winning an Olympic gold medal for hockey on Canadian territory? I think not.

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