Posted by: Andrew | February 20, 2010

Gold Medal for Britain

Gold for Britain! Congratulations to Amy Williams on victory in the skeleton bob. She set a course record too.

Unfortunately, Melissa Hollingworth, from Canada who was in silver medal place after three runs, had a bad final run and ended up out of the medals. A British-Canadian one-two would have been perfect.

Of course, I missed the action because I was putting number two son to bed. He had acting tired all day, but refused to put his head down on the pillow, and kept popping up shouting “Sleepy Time!”.

A very entertaining set of postings by Ollie Williams the BBC commentator

“Matt in Bath texts: “The University of Bath has had a skeleton track for years. It’s Shelley Rudman’s training ground.”

Have you seen that track? It’s like calling a kebab van in Bakewell a shopping centre. It’s barely any length at all and has no ice, which is traditionally considered a component of a skeleton track. Good for getting your starts right and not a lot else (hence Britain’s sliders train abroad much of the time).”

The skeleton track was built since I left the University of Bath, and as a native of Bakewell, in Derbyshire, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a kebab van in the town. Maybe on market day, or at the Agricultural Show…


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