Posted by: Andrew | February 19, 2010

Vancouver Olympic Medals

We were just watching the medal ceremony for Christine Nesbitt, getting a gold medal for Canada in the 1000 metre speed skating.  The design of the medals is very original and I really like it.  A quick bit of internet searching reveals that they are made with metal from recycled computer circuit boards, and are all laser etched with a unique design, so that each medal is different.

Olympic Medals

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Medals

I watched the actual race with both number one and number two sons.  It has to be said that N2S had a limited attention span, but he liked the different coloured racing suits that the athletes were wearing. The Silver and Bronze medalists hail from the Netherlands, and it was fun to see the Dutch fans in the stadium having a good time (all dressed in orange).  Speed skating is very popular over there. The home crowd went bananas when Christine Nesbitt won.  A great sporting spectacle.

A very minor point of etiquette – the Canadians aren’t removing their hats (toques)  for the National Anthem. Apparently only members of the armed forces are supposed to keep their hats on when it is played. I wonder if the British press have noticed this yet….

While doing the internet research, I also noticed that Sebastian Coe (Chair London Olympic Organizing Committee) has written a short piece in the Vancouver Sun, praising the games in Vancouver.  He’s probably embarrassed by all that negativity from the British press too.

My posting about the physics of luge safety has also appeared (without my permission) on another website.  You read it here first!

At least they left my copyright notice in.   Nobody is paying any attention to it. Sigh.


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