Posted by: Andrew | February 18, 2010

British Press Still Grumpy

The British press coverage of the Winter Olympics has been getting grumpier. The Guardian in particular seems to be very down on Vancouver and the organizing committee. The Times is coming in second, with the tabloids stirring the pot too.

Here are a few comments

1 The Luge track was approved by the FIL, they are responsible for any design faults.
2 The judging is done by international referees, not by the local organizing committee.
3 Control of the weather is not possible.

Okay, fencing off the Olympic Flame was a bit of a no no, but that has been fixed.
The hydraulics on the flame holder didn’t work for all four arms. Embarrassing, but hardly serious.
They had a problem with a Zamboni on the ice. It happens.
They didn’t have enough French in the opening ceremony. A prickly point in Canada. I can see the problem in Vancouver, Chinese speakers are easier to find than Francophones; a bit more effort would have been appreciated by Francophone Canadians, who are providing a lot of the medalists for the home team!

I’m hugely embarrassed by the negativity of the British press. The organizers are obviously trying hard and fixing glitches as best they can. The only thing that I can say is that they will be even more ferocious in their criticism in 2012, when we can expect an orgy of national self-loathing and schadenfreude when something goes wrong in London, which is quite likely. So, Canadians, please ignore the British press, the British often do.

The BBC Olympic blog has a much more balanced viewpoint, written by the man who will be running their operation in 2012 in London. Mind you, the BBC coverage was also criticized in the UK press.

Cool technology note: I’m writing this on my iPod, while trying to get number two son back to sleep.

Uncool technology note: I can’t paste a URL into the dialog box which pops up when I want to put a link in. I’ll have to make the BBC URL into a link when I use my laptop. It’s an Apple bug, not a WordPress bug apparently.


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