Posted by: Andrew | February 16, 2010

So which team am I supporting at the Olympics?

Number one son is really rooting for the Canadian teams.  He was spotted singing “Oh Canada” again this morning, while watching a curling match (Canada vs Norway).  One of my friends asked me where my allegiances lay these days.  Now I have to admit, that although I have been a long term resident of Canada, have a Canadian wife and children who could be dual citizens, I would probably still root for the British team.  In the winter olympics, it’s not too serious.  Britain is not known for winter sports excellence, with some notable exceptions in the past in ice skating and curling.   In this Olympics, the medal prospects for the British are actually quite good, the Women’s Skeleton Bobsleigh Pair are very good, and so is the Men’s Curling Team.  The latter is the most likely to cause a clash of loyalties at home – both GB and Canada have a good chance at the Gold medal!  The last few times they met, the GB team (which is really the Scotland team!) has beaten the Canadians.  But this is the Olympics and there is the home advantage…

I should add that, if there is no British competitor, then I will always support the Canadian athlete!

The British press have been rather rude about the “Own the Podium” programme, designed to maximize the number of medals that Team Canada wins.  I admit that the title is rather tactless.  However virtually every other nation has a similar program, but is not quite so “In your face” with the name.  It’s actually very untypical for the Canadians…   Do remember that the British press will be merciless with any shortcomings found in the Britiah Summer Olympic Preparations  in 2012. Ignoring most of the British press is probably a good idea, come to think about it.


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