Posted by: Andrew | February 16, 2010

Gold Medal For Canada

Canada won their first gold medal on home territory yesterday.  It had been hoped that Jennifer Heil might get one in the Women’s Freestyle Skiing, but she got the silver medal instead.  Last night, Alexandre Bilodeau won the gold medal for Canada in the men’s freestyle skiing.  Now, I was upstairs at the time, putting number 2 son to bed.  He was a bit restless, so it took longer than I had expected.  Light of My Life and Number One Son were watching the TV on the sofa downstairs, and I could hear lots of cheering, and then a spontaneous rendition of “Oh Canada” from N1S.  When I got downstairs later, I found out that he had won, in a very exciting competition.  Well done Alex.   It was particularly nice to see his brother, who has cerebral palsy, watching from the sidelines, and how pleased he was to see his little brother win gold.

Here is a nice picture taken by miss604, and posted on Flickr, of the Golden Boy at the press conference afterwards.

Alex Bilodeau: Canadian Gold Medal Winner

Alex Bilodeau: Canadian Gold Medal Winner


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