Posted by: Andrew | February 14, 2010

Vancouver Olympics Opening Ceremony

This post is a little delayed because number 2 son has been sick for several days with a bad stomach upset (stomach flu if you are Canadian!). He has been lying around in a listless fashion and occasionally being ill… I had to cancel a couple of my office hours at work. This was unfortunate because the midterm exam for my physics course was on Thursday evening. I like to make sure that students can get as much face to face time with me as possible before exams. I was able to hold a couple of online chat sessions, which several people participated in. I sat on the sofa at home with N2S lying beside me watching “Go Diego Go” and the “Wonder Pets” while I answered questions from students online. It’s not as good as face to face meetings, because the flow of information (the bandwidth) is much slower. Also writing equations is difficult!
Number one son has been very excited about the Olympics, and came home from his swimming lesson in the evening in time to watch the teams march into the stadium. I missed most of this because I was upstairs trying to settle N2S in bed. When I did get down, we were already up to the Senegal team in the parade! I enjoyed watching the parade and watched the speeches from Jacques Rogge and John Furlong. Of course, they were rather sad speeches, given the news of the tragic death of the Georgian luge racer, Nodar Kumaritashvili, in a practice run.

[Note to CTV – showing the accident and then showing it twice in slow motion in prime time was in the worst possible taste. guys.].

Here is a nice picture of the opening ceremony taken by Chris Breikss and posted on Wikipedia.

Opening Ceremony: Worth Every Penny by Chriss Breikss

Now, I have to say that I didn’t recognize any of the artists performing any of the music (I’ve been out of popular culture for a long time…), and I did enjoy seeing the aboriginal dancing, but, the cultural component went on much too long for my liking. It was certainly technically impressive and spectacular, but l-o-n-g. I boiled the kettle, loaded the dishwasher and had a cup of tea (you can tell I’m English, can’t you?) while it was going on. The bit I was interested in was the Prairie segment, but at the strategic moment, N2S woke up and I had to go upstairs to get him back to sleep. It will be very interesting to see what the UK does in 2012 in London.

I also missed the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony live, so I had to view it the next morning on the CTV website. N1S tried to stay up, but was pretty tired after his swimming, so he went to bed before the ceremony too.

(Second note to CTV – your olympic website is horrible to navigate, and finding the right video was a nightmare.  Also your streaming video live feeds don’t work on my Ipod.  Where is the CBC when you really need them?).

I did find a rather cheeky and subversive Olympic blog from The Times, which is well worth looking at (“Viewer discretion advised” as they say in Canada).

A good start to the Olympics.


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