Posted by: Andrew | February 11, 2010

The Valentine Serenade in class…

I was giving my second lecture on the physics of sound, including musical instruments like the clarinet and flute, today. About half way through, a group of students appeared in the doorway and waited very politely for me to finish my explanation.  Then they announced that they had come to sing a valentine day serenade for one for the students in my class.  As I was recording the lecture, I went over to stand with them, so that the lapel microphone would pick up the singing.   Here is the result.  The clip has been edited to ensure that the student remains anonymous!

This was a welcome interruption because I had a really bad sore throat yesterday, and my voice was feeling a bit fragile this morning. Plus it was nicely related to the subject matter in the lecture. And I’m a pushover for a bit of romance…


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