Posted by: Andrew | January 24, 2010

Romans in the House

Number one son got several different sets of Playmobil Romans for Christmas from Santa, and also from us and his Nana and Grandad. They have provided the most amazing play value for him. I can’t think of a better example of a toy to stimulate imaginative play. He got lots of Lego too, and although he made the Lego models, they haven’t really had a look in since. Fortunately, number two son mostly ignores them when they are playing in the same room.

On New Years Eve, the Romans decided to come to dinner…

Romans at New Year

Romans enjoying a good meal

This week, they have held victory parades, after conquering the Egyptians!

See the conquering heroes...

See the Conquering Heroes...

More Romans on Parade

More Conquering Heroes...

N1S was doing a school project on Romans, and so this was a natural sort of toy to ask for.  They have now moved onto the Middle Ages at school, and with birthdays coming up, it is  fortunate that Playmobil has an extensive range of Knights!

I wish that I’d had this sort of toy when I was younger…

The photos were taken by the Light of My Life, using a Canon Rebel XS dSLR.

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